We Could Always Use A Hand

Fairly often we are asked about opportunities at the farm. Being a small family farm, chores are always plenty and the days are short for all of the tasks we have on hand! Volunteering at the farm is a way to get hands on with the tasks that keep us functional and create a unique way to learn more about ins and out of our farm. No matter if you have 1 hour or many to donate, we could use a helping hand! The calendar below lists general chores, times and the length to complete those tasks that are most needed this month for us to upkeep, but feel free to reach out if other times work best for you!

Some tasks are indoors, and some are outside. We will let you know where the area is so you can dress appropriately and wear protection such as hat or sunscreen.

No tasks require heavy lifting but may require: standing for long times, using a step ladder, bending over, reaching and walking

Tasks will change monthly so if it's not a fit, check back next month!

Fill out this form and we will get back with you to confirm. Thank you!