Let's Learn...Together!

Educational Online Sessions Coming Soon

7/15/20222 min read

As we pursue our goals of starting our new farm, we have some "waiting" time on our hands. We have still been working, gardening, building & canning believe it or not, but without having long days outside, we've freed up some extra time.

We recently had a company reach out in regard to us offering exclusive classes to help future homesteaders, new gardeners or whomever just wants to learn a new skill. Thinking over the opportunity, we accepted. However, we didn't just want our information to be specific to this company and its needs.

So, we've decided to offer online classes of various skills that our customers and followers are always most interested in! We will try to make them flexible in time (mid-day & evenings) and have decided Facebook is the best platform since no extra downloads, or apps, are needed and it tends to be the easiest for everyone to jump right onto.

Classes will be $10-$25, limited groups, and we will provide additional content like supply lists, links, recipes & simple instructional material! With FB Live, sessions are also recorded so you will have access to them even once the class is completed.

While we prepare materials for our private and Facebook classes, we created a preview of what's to come. We would appreciate any feedback as to what you would like to learn. If you would like to book a private class with friends or family as well, let's do it! Classes are family friendly & we will send you a list of supplies once you register in case you would like to learn along or simply listen & learn & enjoy the materials sent post video!

We are truly looking forward to this venture with you all! -Alicia & Kevin