Moving Right Along

The Lease Is Signed!

8/3/20221 min read

The lease is signed, and the date is set!

You guys, it's almost time to ramble on to our final destination of the summer!! In the end we have decided to settle in the beautiful town of Hendersonville where we feel it has all we could as for & more!! Although we haven't quite found the perfect property to begin building our home and farm on.... we have leased the ideal warehouse just off main street in downtown for our kitchen & to begin our hydroponic & mushroom farm!

If there's one thing we know how to do, it's grow food & do it anywhere! Leasing this space will give us the jumpstart to our farm business without the pressure of buying before we are ready.

Also, there's the benefit of having a readily available store front IN TOWN! That's pretty exciting for us and we have lots of plans.

What's next is getting our supplies relocated to us. We currently have our farm equipment in a storage container that can be delivered, and we have one storage in Magnolia we need to retrieve as well. Just a couple weeks until we can travel from FL to NC.

The next update should be us on the move and a tour of our new space!