It's Time

2 month check in guys...the beginning is HERE!

11/5/20223 min read

The time has come for our long days of work, overloaded detail oriented brains & fears to be set loose! 

We feel it's time for a soft open....let us say it again...      TIME FOR SOFT OPEN!

Man are we ever excited to show Hendersonville, and beyond, just what we have been up to. Yes, time has been short at just 2 months but believe it or not, we are in our 2nd cycle of growth and moving onto the 3rd already! 

In such a short time we have been able to grow more food that we could ever imagine and at such a quick pace! If you didn't know, hydroponic produce tends to grow 10-20% faster, it's astonishing. 

So, with much excitement we are opening our doors and ready to push our beloved plant babies out the door and onto your plates :)

In Two Months...

We have managed to set up a well producing operation. Certainly we had our doubts and we aware there would be a learning curve but have felt so lucky with how's just fallen into place. All not to say that we haven't tossed a few burned up trays of greens into the compost but for the most part, it's been fluid!

Anticipation to be busy (one day) is already looming because if you know us, you know we like to move fast and think big (on a small scale :) ). That said, we are adding additional systems to our warehouse space to accommodate approx 1k more plants. 

Our kitchen was inspected and we are in process to get our letters for our products. That's different than laws in Texas. It's pricey, extensive and just even more work on our plate but we are in full swing to getting it done. It's what we need to sell our shelf stable canned goods but in the mean time with an FDA cleared kitchen we can cook up whatever organic goodness we want.

We also manged to complete all other inspections needed to be open. Hendersonville was quite welcoming and the process for everything may be tedious but all the kindness and excitement to learn about us made it (mostly) enjoyable.

What's Next?

Well, in a perfect world we would be kicked back relaxing (lol never), but there's still so much to do. 

We are in process to be added to local food guides and in general spreading the word so the community can get familiar with us. Normally farmers markets are where we thrive, however with us still putting the work into our setups it isn't an option, but we have faith we can do it still. IF, you are one of the beautiful people that have shopped with us, Texas or NC, sharing your experience is the best thing you can do to help this family thrive! If you've been to our store we also would LOVE your feedback!

CSA anyone? Yep, we are 100% confident we can deliver. Farming traditionally this is one thing that we never felt comfortable enough to commit to. There were just too many variables (ahem, your cow eats all your winter crops in one morning) but that can't be said with our efforts now. We feel so good about it and no long like cats clawed into a cliff afraid to jump!  Our delivery option will be awesome and we should be able to expand to the surrounding areas quickly. 

In the past couple months we've added products and been experimenting with items we want to bring on. These are products that really stem from our personal need and wants and resonate with who we feel we are as farmers. So far we've added an Organic tea line of 8 blends & mushrooms! Kombucha is quickly coming along. You know we love our ferments!

Thank you friends & friends to be...

We appreciate the time you took to read this, the support you give us so we can be a benefit to our community and beyond & for trusting us to feed your families.  

Mush love from Alicia, Kevin & LO