A Whirlwind Update

The past busy 6 weeks have landed us in Florida and just days away from a trip to our final destination!

Kevin & Alicia

6/16/20222 min read

My It's been a wild yet exciting past 6 weeks for our family and it feels like a lifetime since our final market weekend in Galveston. We were so grateful for a wonderful final harvest from the farm, followed by an emotional & wonderful final market (Alicia ugly cried herself right off the island)!!! We regularly are talking about our wonderful customers and market family to anyone willing to listen. Who knew it would be this hard to break routine?!

Since, we've had our daughters (Libby's) high school graduation, Lo's kinder graduation, our Texas farm has sold, we shipped off our equipment to North Carolina and have enjoyed a much needed vacation in Florida with our family. As of late we've been quiet so that we can savor a few moments for just us, calm from the transition (we still have one more big one to go) & honestly, in the midst of everything, life was moving too fast to keep up with.

Up until two weeks ago we also were still wrapping up our projects in Texas. So, although you may not have seen us at the markets...we were still filling orders (we did a fun Mother's day project for Invictus Chiropractic ♡), doing final deliveries & Kevin put finishing touches on his large carpentry jobs.

So, now that we've caught our breath, we are focused on the journey ahead...getting to North Carolina! Currently we are in Florida and about seven hours from the NC area we plan to relocate to. In three days we will be touring potential properties and have a few different paths we can take...but it all begins with our first meeting this coming Saturday.

We've been getting A LOT of messages about our products not being online or you are needing to order, no worries! Coming soon!! Need your jam fix now? contact our girl Liz with "Buff's Bagels and Bakery"! She has a limited supply of our jams and is where you can get it locally. It was the best idea to turn off online orders so that while traveling, we didn't get into a situation where we couldn't deliver. As of current, all on hand products should be up and available & any orders already placed will be shipping. Once back from our trip, we will be adding a bit to inventory with produce sourced from locals!

And, as if we can help ourselves, we've already began plans to start our own mini-garden at our temporary home :)

We are excited to be back on track sharing our journey with you all and truly appreciate all of the well wishes, emails & continued support while we #GrowOn!!

-Alicia & Kev