Welcome to Stump Farms!

Our homesteading journey began in 2017 and led to the beginning of our family farm, Stump Farms. We took it upon ourselves to seek a way to cultivate the highest quality foods and minimize our environmental impact & practices after unsuccessfully finding the clean products we desired in stores.

Though farmers markets, online & direct farm sales, we were able to share our farm grown creations and naturally grown produce with our community. Creating a connection between our Neighbors and their food became one of our biggest rewards. From a full market garden, we expanded to ethical poultry production, natural herbal skincare & are still growing!

Our ultimate goal is to be able to create a specialty retail that is natural, affordable, accessible and a sustainable alternative for everyday foods & products. We’re not there yet, but we’re proud of the fresh options we already offer our Neighbors and are dreaming big.

Fall of 2022, we relocated from Magnolia, TX to Hendersonville, NC where we opened an operational warehouse/storefront and joined the local farmers markets. While we build our new home, we are operating and indoor hydroponic urban farm to continue contributing to our community and doing what we love. The move has allowed us to grow in so many more ways and our variety of products is quickly expanding!

Please feel free to reach out to your local family farmers with any questions you may have or special request for products!

Kevin Stump - kevin@stumpfarms.com Alicia Stump - alicia@stumpfarms.com